Rockin’ Vans

  • Project Type: Everyone (Employed)
  • Project URL:
  • My Role: Front-end, Back-end, E-commerce

Project Overview

Rockin’ Vans allows people to hire a unique luxury camper-van for their road trip. The site was designed to reflect the fun, outgoing, adventurous nature of their business.

I worked with another developer on this project so my role was to design and build the bespoke booking system.

Technical Info

  • HTML
  • Sass with Susy
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Gulp JS
  • Sage Pay integration
Rockin’ Vans logo


  • Vans can be configured individually, such as:
    • The deposit required, as a percentage, and the minimum deposit amount.
    • The available extras.
    • The minimum and maximum amount of time, if any, that the van can be booked for.
    • And more
  • Optional extras
    • Such as bikes, camping chairs & tables and more.
    • They can optionally have an image & desciption.
    • They can optionally have sub-options — bikes for example could be adult budget, adult premium, child budget and child premium each with their own price
    • The pricing method can be configured such as per booking, per day, per person and per person per day.
  • Configurable booking seasons — any number of seasons with a configurable start and end date.
  • Fully customisable pricing
    • Pricing per season per van type.
    • Price breaks — for example bookings from 0–96 hours (4 days) for “VW Camper” could be £100 per night, but bookings over that could be £95 per night. Any number of price breaks can be added.
  • Promo codes
  • Customers can optionally pay the full amount immediately instead of the deposit.
  • Customers can collect and return the van at a location of their choice which may have an associated cost.
  • Customers can choose early collection and late drop-off at a higher cost.
  • Admins can set what the standard collection and drop-off times are, and what the early collection and drop-off times are as well as the cost.
  • Email reminders to the customer that the outstanding balance is due at set periods as the booking start date approaches.
  • Emails to the admins if an outstanding balance has gone unpaid by the due date.
  • Admins can add notes to their booking calendar for notable events and dates.
  • Admins can fully manage and edit bookings.
  • Admins can add slots where one or more vans are unavailable, due to maintenance for example.
  • Admins can take bookings over the phone and make any bookings they like without the same restrictions as a normal user of the site — such as minimum booking lengths.
  • Admins can manually adjust the price during the booking process. This allows them to be on the phone making a manual booking with a customer and offer them a deal. They can also manually adjust the price if the customer has already made a booking themselves, for example if they wanted to cancel the booking they could make them an offer.
Rockin’ Vans screenshot
Rockin’ Vans screenshot