I am a web developer from Falkirk, Scotland. I most recently worked with Everyone — a digital agency in the Merchant City, Glasgow. Previously I worked at Optical Express as a developer with their online team.

I am equally capable and interested in both front and back end development. I have experience in working full stack on a range of responsive projects over the entire life cycle from small simple sites to large systems with complex bespoke functionality. On a daily basis I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I heavily use Gulp & Sass, and have experience with Grunt & Webpack. I also have experience in both consuming and developing API’s, as well as maintining Linux systems. Additionally, I am familiar with ES6 and associated tooling.

As far as the web goes, things are always changing. I embrace change and find the evolution of technology very exciting. I never stand still, always looking for ways to improve and new things to learn. I want to learn and be the best I can be, creating things that are the best they can be. I have an interest in SEO, analytics and marketing since they all affect the performance and success of the projects we work on. I love working with and learning from the specialists in those areas. Building for the web has become a passion, much more than a job.

When not working on projects I spend a lot of my free time reading blogs and experimenting with new things. I listen to rock music. I watch football and Formula 1. I’m a big fan of cars in general (an engineering thing) and I’m a proud owner of a limited edition 2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra — the fabled “Terminator Cobra.”

The Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • SEO
  • Analytics

The Toolbox

  • Atom
  • Git
  • Sass
  • Gulp JS
  • Webpack
  • Nightwatch JS
  • Vue JS
  • MODX
  • Laravel
  • Lumen